11 August 2015

Saturday in Gosport

Last Saturday we spent a surprisingly lovely day in Gosport, Hampshire.  Now I had been told that Gosport was a bit of sad, slightly rough seaside town and so I was not expecting much.  
I was very pleasantly surprised.

O had a fishing squad day, so A and I hung around the seafront watching him fish and generally enjoying the sunshine.

We arrived pretty earlier in the morning and the sea was cloaked in mist, but as it cleared it revealed the delightful coastline of the Isle of Wight.  I was staggered by how many ferries, hovercraft and catamarans made the journey over the water - it is certainly a popular place.

 The sea was so full of activity all day.  From kiddie sailing schools to flash luxury speedboats to yachts listing in the wind, to lone kayaks.  Throughout the day there was so much going on, and these pleasure seekers shared the sea with the occasional massive containership heading into Portsmouth.

 There is a lovely restaurant on the seafront called Pebbles Fish and Wine Bar that served delicious food.  I had scampi and A had the smokie, which he loved.  They had a great Tapas menu which I would try if I went back.

Thanks for having us Gosport - we would love to come back sometime.


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