16 August 2015

Sunday Chillin'

Today is the first Sunday since forever that we have not had plans.  

I have house-stuff that I (don't) want to do, but I also plan on chilling out and indulging in a few mindless internet based activities.

Join me won't you on checking out these lovely little links...

Am off to clean, sort, bake and PACK FOR MY HOLIDAY. 

Happy Sunday

11 August 2015

Saturday in Gosport

Last Saturday we spent a surprisingly lovely day in Gosport, Hampshire.  Now I had been told that Gosport was a bit of sad, slightly rough seaside town and so I was not expecting much.  
I was very pleasantly surprised.

O had a fishing squad day, so A and I hung around the seafront watching him fish and generally enjoying the sunshine.

We arrived pretty earlier in the morning and the sea was cloaked in mist, but as it cleared it revealed the delightful coastline of the Isle of Wight.  I was staggered by how many ferries, hovercraft and catamarans made the journey over the water - it is certainly a popular place.

 The sea was so full of activity all day.  From kiddie sailing schools to flash luxury speedboats to yachts listing in the wind, to lone kayaks.  Throughout the day there was so much going on, and these pleasure seekers shared the sea with the occasional massive containership heading into Portsmouth.

 There is a lovely restaurant on the seafront called Pebbles Fish and Wine Bar that served delicious food.  I had scampi and A had the smokie, which he loved.  They had a great Tapas menu which I would try if I went back.

Thanks for having us Gosport - we would love to come back sometime.

10 August 2015
7 August 2015

Strawberry Nutella Eclair Cake

O to the M to the actual G.  This deliciousness is THE BEST.  I was merrily browsing through Pinterest for the millionth time this week, knowing that I had some strawberries to use up when this little minx caught my eye.  I can take no credit for the invention of it, but I am very very grateful for the wonderful Chef in Training for sharing such a brilliant recipe.

I have never made choux pastry before and was fairly terrified by the prospect but it was surprisingly easy.

Being English I used custard rather than vanilla pudding and cream, but that worked just fine.  Just make sure you put it in the fridge to firm up a bit otherwise it will puddle all over the plate.

For the full recipe visit Chef in Training - and leave them a comment to say how wonderful they are for coming up with such a lovely way of using up strawberries.

Chicken Coronation Salad

Today has been a hot day in our little corner of Kent.  The sun has struggled a bit, but did make a breakthrough just in time for dinner.

I had a bit of a blow out on lovely fresh produce from Waitrose yesterday and was keen to make something fresh and healthy, but also filling.  After spending waaaaaaaaaay too much time reading blogs yesterday I found a lovely recipe for Chicken Curry Salad on the Amazing Paleo Blog.

I have toyed with the Paleo diet, but there are parts of it that I find too restrictive, so I tend to play about with the recipes until I make something that (hopefully) is delicious.

With this Chicken Curry Salad as inspiration, I decided to create my own super-quick Coronation Chicken Salad.  If I do say so myself , it was bloody lush - and made loads - serving 5 for dinner with leftovers for lunch tomorrow :)


Coronation Chicken Salad

  • 1 x cooked chicken, cold
  • 2 x handfuls red grapes
  • 1/2 pack fresh mango chunks
  • 2 x tsp mild curry powder
  • 50g (ish) slivered almonds
  • Lots lovely green salad

  1. Remove all the chicken meat off the bone.   It is much easier to do this with your hands than fiddling about with a knife, but this may not be everyone's thang.   I discarded all the skin and gave this to the dog.
  2. Add the grapes, mango and almonds to the chicken.
  3. Add the mayonnaise and sprinkle on the curry powder.
  4. Mix everything together so that all the chicken is coated.  Use a spoon for this bit if you must.
  5. Nicely present some salad in a ring and then dollop the chicken mixture into the middle so it looks all fancy.



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