20 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Photo from Martha Stewart

There are only 34 days till Christmas  - eek!  This year I have decided to switch it up a gear and to get super organised.  I have 13 to dinner this year and I want it to be the best christmas ever.  I will be sharing a christmas activity every day between now and the big day to help you to feel prepared.  

I have bought a stack of magazines and my pinterest board is full to bursting with ideas.  As well as making lots of delicious goodness, I want to try my hand at some crafts and some handmade gifts.  Of course I am reading lots of blogs with lots of great ideas for Christmas and I will share these with you if I think you will be interested.  If anyone has any resources that they wish to share then please let me know.

Today I made these lovely Christmas Chelsea Buns.  The recipe was from BBC Good Food and can be found here.  I have to say that these turned into monsters in the oven and were enormous once they had cooked.  But they were absolutely delicious with the fruity mincemeat adding just enough of a festive vibe.  

If you are thinking it is too early to start the big christmas gorge just yet, then you could make these now  and pop them in the freezer.  Defrost them the night before you need them and then give them a 15 minute blast in the oven.  They will make a great christmas day breakfast.

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