23 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are sooooooooo hard to buy for.  At first it seems as though there is loads to choose from, but how many of these products are actually useful and appropriate is another matter entirely.  Raising aspirations is my thang, I believe that all young people have a right to feel powerful, worthy and valued, and yet when I started really looking at the items for sale it seemed that there was hardly anything that really supported this.  I get that teenage girls love to experiment with make-up and are learning how to become women, but so many gifts seem to promote an idea of women that is inappropriate or plain rude.  These gifts that I have selected here are, I hope, the sorts of things that teenage girls would LOVE to receive, but without all the guff and silliness.  

  • This All About Everybody Journal is a great place to write those funny memories and notes about the other kids you meet both in and out of school
  • Music is a really important part of being a teenager and a good way for young girls to express themselves.  Plus they are called hearmuffs - you have to buy them!
  • With so many different shades of nail polish many teenage sleepovers involve the applying and reapplying of varnish.  This Blow Monkey Nail Dryer makes drying your nails a whole lot cuter.
  • Instagram is a BIG thing and challenging yourself to take even more interesting photos has just become easier with this trendy little beast of a camera.
  • You are never too young to develop a handbag habit and this darling gingerbread satchel looks good enough to eat.
  • Charging the phone seems to be a perpetual problem in our house and there are so many times when this emergency phone charger would have been useful.
  • You are lying if you say that you have never used your hairbrush as microphone.  You don't need to be embarrassed any longer with this actual micro brush.  Watch out Lady Gaga!
  • Lip balms are just lush! Owls are just cute!  Owl lip balms - omg, just buy them.
  • Everybody needs a compact mirror at some point, so it might as well say something motivating.

Please understand that this all my own opinion and I have not been paid or sponsored or otherwise encouraged to feature these products


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