31 January 2016

Laaaaaaaaazy Sunday

When the weather is this grey it is ok to allow yourself to stay inside.  My family have all been busy this weekend doing activities like Winter Races, World Fishing Comps and 18th birthday parties in Chelsea which left me on my own to potter about, watch films, finish (give up on) books, and read nonsense online.

Here's what I've been up to.......what about you?

Watching Films

The review from Variety magazine sums up this film perfectly :

"an imposing vision, to be sure, but also an inflated and emotionally stunted one, despite an anchoring performance of ferocious 200% commitment from Leonardo DiCaprio.".  

The images in this film were beautiful, disturbing, and breathtaking in parts but it was a looooong harrowing film that I can't decide whether I enjoyed.  The scene with the bear was so realistic it made me panic and there were many equally horrific scenes throughout the film.  Leonardo DiCaprio definitely carried the film and his acting was superb, but there was just a bit too much grunting and heavy breathing for my liking.  Would I see it again - no.  Would I recommend it - I am not sure.  Was I impressed - yes.  Truly a quandary of a film - but will be probably be worthy of the oscar when it comes.

This film was powerful.  I cried a lot, then it got better, then I cried a lot more.  The acting in this film was superb - Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson should both win many awards.  The innocence of the boy and his belief in the world of Room was so touching. My heart was in my mouth in the rug scene and I have never known a cinema to be so silent - I think I only took 2 breaths through the whole film.  I have not read the book, but it is apparently very faithful to it - I would be interested to know what you think on that.  Would I see it again - yes.  Would I recommend it - yes definitely.  Was I impressed - absolutely.

Finishing Books

I gave up on this book - sorry, don't judge me.  I wanted it to make me cry, or scream or exclaim anything,  But it didn't.  It left me cold and unsympathetic.  Does that make me a bad person?  The language was just not evocative enough.  I felt sorry for the dad a bit, but then I didn't. I felt sorry for the siblings a bit, but not that bothered.  I did not feel sorry for the mom at all.  Admittedly I gave up half way through - so if it gets really great in the second half then tell me and I will pick it up again.  

Reading Nonsense Online


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