2 January 2016

Lunch: No More Rubbish...

Quinoa, Red Rice, Corn and Spring Onions

For me, lunch is the hardest meal of every day.  When you are out working, it is so easy to grab an unhealthy sandwich and bag of crisps.  Shop bought salads are either bland or smothered in unhealthy dressings.  They are also messy to eat in the car.

2016 is my year of lunch and I am determined to develop some lovely ones.  

This quinoa, red rice, corn and spring onion salad is a great start.  My original inspiration came from Just a Taste blog. I had a packet of Grains, Red Rice and Quinoa mix in the cupboard so decided to build from there.

Grainy salad

 Makes about 6 bowls
Total Time: 5 minutes to prep


1 pack of Merchant Gourmet Grains, Red Rice and Quinoa mix
50g Baby Corn, chopped
4 Spring Onions, diced
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons Olive Oil


Mix all of the above in a bowl.
Boom!  Done!

ps I served mine with a chicken breast.


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