9 January 2016

What to do when it won't stop raining..

As soon as Christmas is over, my attention turns to my garden - I have a Pinterest board for both my back and front gardens and I am impatient to get started on them.

However, my plans are being buggered up by the rain and my garden looks sad, neglected and WET.

So I decided to embrace the endless rain and get photographing.  I was inspired by this photo by Bator Horvath on FlickR, but I have not yet got to grips with the clone stamp on Photoshop (goal for this year):

So these are my little attempts - what do you think?

I love the concentric circles that happen with each plop of rain.  I wanted to get the splash, but need to understand my camera settings better for this.

Raindrops on windows make me think of the Sound of Music (so do whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages tied up with string)...

I don't have many flowers or leaves to photograph at this time of year, but the ones I do have were sparkling :)

Rain rain go away  - come again another day (and when you do I will be ready with the right camera settings and a clone stamp tool).

Happy rain day blog land.


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