13 January 2016

What I thought of - The Girl in the Spider's Web

I finally finished reading this at the weekend, thank goodness.  I loved the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series and was really looking forward to reading this next instalment.  I was conscious that this was a new author picking up the series, but I was determined to give it a fair chance.

This book bored the pants off me, sadly.  The plot was so long and complicated that I was at a loss as to what the central theme was for most of the book.  The plot was based around cyber attacks, artificial intelligence, autistic children and Millennium magazine.  Many of the old characters were there - Blomkvist at the heart of the story, Lisbeth Salander as the improbable heroine and the raft of security and police staff who also appeared in the original series.  The appearance of Salander's sister, Camilla, was a good addition, and I enjoyed the grit that she brought to the story, however, we were never really given her story.

I think we were asked to make too many leaps of faith in this book.  We just had to accept so many events and assumptions - and I wanted these to be explained thoroughly.  Central characters came in and out of the narrative at inappropriate times.

The end of the story left lots of gaps and I still did not really understand why the central character had been killed.  At the end of the original series, I felt satisfied with the outcomes for Blomqvist and Salander - this book just had them fizzle out.  It did not set up for a sequel and did not resolve there stories - it just sort of ran out of words.

I really, really, really wanted to love this book, but in the end it left me not giving a crap about it.  After publishing this blog post, I will probably never think of this book again.


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